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New Patients at Setterquist Chiropractic

When you walk into our office, expect to be greeted by name! We want you to feel at home, knowing you’re in good hands. Dr. Terry will ask how you heard about the practice. You may be, like many new patients, a referral from a former patient. Dr. Terry inquires as to who it is to send a note of thanks.

The Initial Consult

Your initial consultation will last about 30 minutes. Dr. Terry will take a detailed health history and explain the motion palpation technique. After reviewing your history, he will do a thorough exam to pinpoint the site of your problems.

Once he has located the misaligned area, Dr. Terry will adjust you using the appropriate manual manipulation technique. Unlike some chiropractors, he doesn’t want you to wait for pain relief. His years of experience, and proficiency at what he does, ensures safe, painless treatment.

After treatment, he discusses your diagnosis, what has been done and future treatments. Put simply, Dr. Terry adjusts the stuck areas, now they’re moving and healing can start. We’re here to offer health to our patients.

When You Return

On your next visit, you will receive a heating pad prior to treatment. Dr. Terry again uses motion palpation to decide which areas need adjustment. He discusses the reasons for today’s treatment and your care plan going forward.

On your new patient journey, it’s important to get adequate sleep and be able to function through daily activities without fear or pain. Relief may be temporary at first but even slight improvements are indications that the treatment is working for you.


Setterquist Chiropractic is an in-network provider with all major insurers and Medicare/Medicaid. Major credit cards and HSA accounts are also accepted.

Ready to Book?

You are most welcome in our practice! Let us help you get healthy and start living your best life. Start today, contact us for an appointment.

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