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Sports Injuries and Chiropractic

Woman golfingWhen injuries occur as a result of sports participation, pain is often acute. If your pain doesn’t stop with rest, ice, and OTC anti-inflammatories, it may be time to seek chiropractic care. Chiropractic care helps with pain relief, injury repair and can significantly decrease recovery time.

Sports injuries can be acute, such as sprains and strains. Most injuries are as a result of repetitive motions. These include tennis elbow, runner’s knee and shin splints. Low back pain can occur either acutely or over a period of time.

What is Sports Injury Care?

Treatment for a sports injury uses the same basic chiropractic therapies to provide a reduction in pain. Although the source of your injury may appear clear, Dr. Terry will examine you using motion palpation. Ensuring there is no underlying cause for your injury can prevent a reoccurrence. Adjusting any imbalances helps your body to concentrate on healing the acute injury.

Research has shown that our bodies respond better after adjustment. Muscles are unable to function at their peak when the body is out of alignment. Restoring proper movement reduces the opportunities for a breakdown later.

Sports chiropractic can increase flexibility, function and mobility. Rehabilitation also involves care designed to prevent future injuries. We make sure your body is healed before you resume activity. Keeping you healthy enough to continue is our goal.

Exercise is an important part of the rehabilitation process. Using techniques from Foundation Training(FT), we change the way you move and prevent imbalances. FT teaches you how to take the burden of supporting your body off your joints. It is unique in that it helps prevent and treat pain and injuries at the same time.

Using body-weight exercises, FT activates the posterior muscle chain, anchors the hips and decompresses the spine. FT helps correct postural imbalances, maximizes use of the most efficient muscles and changes poor movement patterns.

Find Out More

Our services are available to meet your need; to heal a current or lingering injury or prevent one from occurring. Don’t wait until it’s too late, contact us today to make an appointment and get back in action.

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